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5-10-30 + Acelepryn Insecticide (50 lb bag)

Regular price $141.99

5-10-30 + Acelepryn Insecticide (50 lb bag)

Regular price $141.99

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    • 50 lbs.
    • Covers 10,000 sq. ft
    • Contains Acelepryn to control grubs and fall armyworms
    • Acelepryn is a preventative insecticide that works against the larvae/caterpillar stage; in our brick and mortar stores we offer curative insecticide.
    • Protection lasts 30-45 days, depending on weather.
    • Reapply every 30-45 days as needed during the growing season when your lawn is most vulnerable to grubs and fall armyworms. For fall armyworms, that's typically from July through first frost in autumn.
    • We recommend this if you're laying new sod because new sod is especially vulnerable to fall armyworms.
    • Read our blog for more information on identification and treatment of fall armyworms.
    • 5-10-30 is our go-to formula for Centipede lawns because it's low in nitrogen. Fertilize Centipedegrass based on the feedback from a soil test - your Centipede lawn may not need fertilizing at all and can be damaged, especially with too much nitrogen.
    • 5-10-30 is a traditional fertilizer mix used for generations in farming and landscape maintenance as a starter fertilizer, however it can be used after lawn establishment too, whenever lower nitrogen is required.
    • This formulation, at the recommended rate, adds a small amount of nitrogen, but is higher in phosphorus and potassium. Phosphorus and potassium are important in early spring to encourage health and more prolific root growth in warm-season grasses.

    Use our yellow walk-behind spreader to distribute this granular product.