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Elite Tall Fescue Sod

Elite Tall Fescue Sod

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Nashville Alert: Tall Fescue is temporarily unavailable in the Nashville Market. Please consider our TifTuf Bermuda as a great alternative for a beautiful lawn with Extreme Drought Tolerance and Very Low Water Use.  Please call 888-360-1125 with any questions.

Please be aware that Tall Fescue is a Cool Season grass that is best installed when daytime temperatures range from 60 to 80 degrees and nighttime lows are below 60 degrees.  Generally, this range for many of the areas we service is from September through April. The warmer and more humid it is outside when installed, the more it will struggle to root and survive the summer heat.  Even with extensive watering and care there is a much higher likelihood of transition issues, leading to an increased need to re-sod and/or overseed in the fall.  For these reasons, we recommend installing Tall Fescue during the cooler times of the year and will not guarantee suitability, survival or performance of Tall Fescue when installed outside of these parameters. 

Elite Tall Fescue sod is a blend of cool season varieties adapted to sun or shade.

  • Most shade-tolerant of the turf grasses requiring 3-4 hours of sun; all turf grasses need some sun to survive
  • Establishes as a lawn that’s tolerant of moderately moist soils
  • A cool season turfgrass
  • Dark green-colored blades
  • Attractive medium-textured turfgrass
  • Provides an excellently green-colored lawn year round